At Cartersville Medical Center, we offer total knee replacement to patients suffering from degenerative arthritis or repeated injury to the knee. Often, general wear and tear with age causes doctors to recommend a knee replacement surgery. If you’ve tried other treatments and therapies, but you still have chronic knee pain, you could benefit from a total knee replacement.

Choosing Total Knee Replacement

At Cartersville Medical Center, we’re committed to making sure that your surgery is as least invasive as possible. Our experienced orthopedic specialists will first consider nonsurgical treatments to address symptoms like knee pain and limited mobility. If your quality of life is seriously impacted, we recommend total joint replacement to relive your pain and repair your damaged joint.

In this procedure, your orthopedic surgeon will use an artificial joint to replace the diseased joint. The artificial joint is anchored into place with bone cement, or in some applications, it is covered with material that allows bone tissue to grow into it. Our expert surgeons at Cartersville Medical Center perform each knee surgery with precision and a full team to help support you. We also offer comprehensive education classes through our Totally Hip & Knee Program so you can know what to expect and feel confident that a total knee replacement at Cartersville Medical Center is right for you.

Joint Replacement Classes

Our Totally Hip, Knee & Shoulder Program provides comprehensive education for your hip or knee replacement surgery. In these FREE classes you’ll learn everything to expect before, during and after your procedure. Your care team will assist you in signing up for this program when you're ready.

Knee Replacement Recovery

When you’re recovering from knee surgery, our orthopedic nurses and rehabilitation team will be there for you every step of the way. Most patients spend about three to five days in the hospital after a total knee replacement. After that, we will help you get back on your feet with a comprehensive physical therapy program that is completely designed around your needs. Every patient progresses at their own rate, so we customize your rehabilitation to your unique situation. At Cartersville Medical Center, you can recover close to home with a compassionate, knowledgeable support system.

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