Cancer-Related Clinical Trials

We want you to be well informed about your cancer diagnosis and clinical trials related to your diagnosis that may be available. Clinical trials - research studies in people - show us what works (and doesn't) in medicine. Choosing whether or not to take part in a clinical trial is a very personal and sometimes difficult decision. Clinical trials are not just for patients that feel they have exhausted all other treatment options - they are for patients that want to explore new treatments and help in the determination of how safe and effective they are.

The Hope Center, a service of Cartersville Medical Center, and the American Cancer Society would like to invite you to:

Call the American Cancer Society at to learn about cancer-related clinical trials and the ACS clinical trials matching service.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the American Cancer Society is available to share information with you. An American Cancer Society staff member will share information about clinical trials with you over the telephone or you can visit the American Cancer Society web site, type in "clinical trials matching" in the search box and explore the opportunities at your convenience. Learn what clinical trials are and find out what clinical trials may be a good match for you.

Knowing about and understanding the benefits of cancer-related clinical trials will help you make an informed decision about whether participation in a clinical trial would be a good option for you. Learn more about such trials and discuss this information with your health care provider. Together you will develop the best cancer care treatment plan for you and your current health status.

Additional web sites containing information about clinical trials are listed below: