Cartersville Medical Center is proud to offer Cardiac Calcium Scoring Technology performed with our state of the art 64-slice CT Scanner. Cardiac Calcium Scoring can detect the smallest amount of calcification in your coronary arteries in as little as 10 minutes. No needles. No incisions. Just the most complete and accurate scan of your heart available.

FAST FACTS about Cardiac Scoring

  • Cardiac Scoring requires little advanced preparation. It is preferred to have no caffeine four hours prior to the study. A few electrodes are placed on the chest and you will breathe deeply as the scanner captures images of your heart.
  • Your Cardiac Scoring scan will be reviewed by a radiologist and the report will be sent directly to your family physician.
  • This Cardiac Calcium Screening is priced at $69 which includes the physician interpretation and is payable at the time of service.

Who is a candidate for a Cardiac Scoring?

According to the American Heart Association, those who would benefit from a Cardiac Scoring include:

  • Males over 45
  • Females over 55
  • Smokers
  • Diabetes patients
  • People with a family history of stroke or heart disease
  • People who are overweight 10 pounds or more
  • People diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • Those who have a sedentary lifestyle
  • People who have been diagnosed with high cholesterol
  • Anyone who is concerned about their risk for heart disease.