Community Contribution Policy

It is the policy of HCA Inc. to contribute to activities, organizations and causes in North Georgia which advance both a public purpose (health/wellness, safety, cultural, general welfare) of the citizens of North Georgia counties and a corporate purpose (furtherance of the interests, image and responsibilities)of HCA.

The goal for HCA is to focus primarily on the following areas:

  • Disease Entities
  • Health and Wellness Organizations
  • Children and Youth Related Organizations
  • Arts, Culture and Humanities Organizations
  • Organizations that support our goals for diversity and inclusion.

When evaluating sponsorship opportunities top priority will be given to those organizations that are aligned with the areas listed above.

HCA Inc. does not contribute to:

  • Individuals
  • Third party organizations fundraising on behalf of a non-profit organization
  • Political campaigns/parties
  • Religious organizations
  • Solicitations received by form letter groups that discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex or national origin
  • Activities that do not advance our public or corporate purpose
  • Golf events

Application and Processing of Requests

Requests for monetary contributions are submitted in writing to HCA and include:

  • Purpose and mission of group requesting funds
  • Expected or intended results for use of funds
  • Description of what kind of recognition the organization will receive (advertising, announcements at event, banners, etc.)
  • Description of benefits organization will receive (tickets, event admissions, etc.)

Please submit sponsorship requests 10-12 weeks prior to event. Sponsorships are reviewed on a monthly basis. We will accept one request per agency per year.

Submit to:

c/o Corporate Sponsorships
One Park Plaza, 1-4 East
Nashville, TN 37203