Cartersville Medical Center
January 25, 2017

Cartersville, GA - The Hope Center at Cartersville Medical Center held a groundbreaking ceremony today in preparation for an upgraded cancer treatment delivery system.

The TrueBeam™ Radiotherapy System by Varian Medical Systems brings leading edge cancer care to communities in the fight against cancer. Designed from the ground up to treat moving targets with advanced speed and precision, the TrueBeam platform is a fully-integrated system for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery. TrueBeam treats cancer anywhere in the body where radiation treatment is indicated, including lung, breast, prostate and head and neck.

TrueBeam channels innovative, intelligent, and intuitive thinking to provide technology built with the customer in mind. The system offers clinicians intelligent tools for a wide spectrum of advanced treatment options including Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). From fast imaging to accurate dose delivery, TrueBeam is designed to help clinicians navigate the complexities of cancer care with confidence.

The carefully guided, automated workflow on the TrueBeam system uses intuitive visual cues to enhance safety and reduce operation times so patient throughput can be optimized. Streamlined imaging and patient positioning tools enable more flexibility to treat clinical cases throughout the body. Having the power to not only treat quickly, but to deliver high, accurate dose rates are hallmarks of the TrueBeam system.

Cancer patients in Cartersville, Bartow County and surrounding areas will now have a local, convenient treatment option. And, with this new system, patients will also benefit from less treatment time.

“The most important aspect of this advanced technology is its ability to treat cancer with speed and accuracy while avoiding healthy tissue and organs,” said Mark Quinn, MD, radiation oncologist at The Hope Center. He continued, “While TrueBeam was designed for complex cases of cancer of the lung, breast, stomach and brain, it can also be used for cancers of the liver and prostate, along with other cancers treated with radiation therapy.”

The new system, a total investment of $3.6 million including construction, is expected to be operational by late summer.

For more information about cancer treatment services at The Hope Center, please call (678) 721-5555 or visit