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Cartersville Medical Center Announces the Arrival of the Newest Technology in Robotic Surgery Today: da Vinci® Si– SURGICAL SYSTEM

Cartersville Medical Center February 02, 2012

Cartersville, GA; February 2, 2011: Cartersville Medical Center now offers the most advanced and state-of-the-art robotic surgical technology available to patients today.

“We are excited to offer this technology at Cartersville Medical Center,” said Keith Sandlin, CEO, Cartersville Medical Center. “Robot-assisted surgery is a less invasive option for many of our patients. This is a significant arrival because of the value it offers our surgical staff and the communities we serve.”

The robotic system enhances the surgeon’s skill with computer technology, enabling him to see vital anatomical structures more clearly and perform surgical procedures more precisely. The technology extends the surgeon’s capabilities by providing a three-dimensional view of the operating field and improving access to the surgical site through small instrument “ports” that eliminate the need for large incisions. The system also provides full freedom of movement at its instrument tips, allowing precise operation in a closed chest, abdomen or pelvis.

“By enhancing surgical capability through improved technology, we are able to provide our patients with better clinical outcomes so they can return to active, productive lives more quickly,” said Dr. Steven Spivey, Harbin Clinic OB/GYN on staff at Cartersville Medical Center. “Patients who have undergone robotic surgery have consistently reported high satisfaction with the procedure.” Dr. Spivey has already performed several successful procedures since the arrival of the new robotic equipment. His partner, Dr. David (Ben) Warren, Harbin Clinic OB/GYN on staff at Cartersville Medical Center, also performs gynecological cases on the da Vinci® Si™.

The da Vinci® Si™ has several unique features designed to provide additional clinical benefits and efficiency in the operating room, many of which translate to patient benefits. Features of the da Vinci® Si ™ include:

  • Enhanced 3D, high-definition vision of operative field with up to 10x magnification
  • New optional dual console allows second surgeon to provide assistance
  • Superior visual clarity of tissue and anatomy
  • Surgical dexterity and precision far greater than even the human hand
  • Updated and simplified user interface to enhance OR efficiency
  • New ergonomic settings for greater surgeon comfort

This acquisition complements Cartersville Medical Center’s goal of extending minimally invasive surgery to the broadest possible base of patients. The role of robotic surgery continues to expand as the experience of the surgeons increases. The most common urological procedures performed are radical prostatectomies, partial nephrectomies, and reconstructive surgery for congenital and acquired abnormalities of the urinary tract. The most commonly performed gynecological procedures performed are hysterectomies, myomectomies, and repairs for pelvic floor abnormalities.

“da Vinci’s advanced level of technology takes surgery beyond the limits of human eyes and hands,” said Dr. Joel Rosenfeld, urologist on staff at Cartersville Medical Center. For most patients, the benefits over traditional prostate cancer surgery include shorter hospital stays, less pain, less blood loss, fewer wound infections, and better visualization for preservation of the nerves necessary for erections.

For more information about the da Vinci Si System at Cartersville Medical Center please visit, or for a free physician referral, contact MedLine at (800) 242-5662.

About Cartersville Medical Center
Cartersville Medical Center is a facility of Redmond Regional Health System which is comprised of three hospitals in Northwest Georgia including Redmond Regional Medical Center in Rome and Polk Medical Center in Cedartown. Cartersville Medical Center is a 112-bed acute care hospital accredited by The Joint Commission and recently named an Accredited Chest Pain Center. Acworth Medical Plaza – including Acworth Immediate Care and Acworth Imaging Center – and The Hope Center are facilities of Cartersville Medical Center.

For more information about programs and services offered at Cartersville Medical Center, The Hope Center or Acworth Medical Plaza, call MedLine at (800) 242-5662 or visit

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